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The history of rambo party

Rambo Party Productions goal is to bring people together in a


positive way by means of the DANCE PARTY.


We strive to produce weird, funky, and wild parties that bring people together to DANCE and express themselves uniquely.

Our goal is to bring LOCAL musicians and DJ's together, along with high quality artists from
all over the world, to create an interactive, participatory dance party experience where people can lose themselves on the dance floor. 

Additionally, our Great bingo revival game - hosted by the Rev. rusty reams - infuses funk, come
dy, fabulous prizes, and a gameshow style format dripping in gold decor that's been making BINGO dreams come true since 2012.

Rambo Party Productions was officially born in September of 2012 when, as legend has it, infrared lasers (undetectable by the human eye) crossed paths over Jake’s on the Lake in Tahoe City. The Reverend Rusty Reams smashed into Rambo via a comedic lightning storm while hard at work serving the finest patrons from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

It was that time when Tight and Bright on Bikes, an infamous Time Travel bicycle pub crawl of debauchery, set Rambo Party Productions on a party starting bonanza.

Party enlightenment soon came to fruition as infrared lazers soon manifested themselves in the visible spectrum by means of the LAZER LABORATORY Halloween party. From this point forward, lazers have been the guiding force in all of the decision making processes by Rambo Party Productions.

Through extensive spiritual lazer retreats in the wilderness riding mountain bikes and skiing deep in the sierras, meditating on lazer forces, cleansing on a diet of only water and lazers for months on end, and speaking with mystical lazer gurus, the Rambo Party Productions team now has finally reached true oneness with the universe by the use of multicolored neon beamz.

Step out of the infrared - open your eyes to the lazers that can be seen and felt. Bathe in the neon lazer spa that we call life. PARTY.

It is why we, Rambo Party Productions, proudly shout at every show: ONE LOVE - ONE LAZER!

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